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Internet Plans

Get lightning-fast, reliable internet with our service. Perfect for streaming, online gaming, or just browsing the web. While it may not be available in all areas, we are committed to providing the best internet experience possible. Note that the router is not included with our service. Sign up now and experience the difference of high-speed internet!

SE New Mexico and El Paso

Get connected with an internet service that doesn't hold you back. With unlimited bandwidth and no data caps, you won't have to worry about slowing down. Plus, we offer a no-contract option, giving you the flexibility to switch plans or providers at any time. Trust us for fast and reliable internet.

Wireless Internet Coverage Map New Mexico and Texas

$49.95 installation with 1 year contract
$99.95 installation with no contract

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As a premier internet provider, Southwestern Wireless offers custom internet speeds to cater to your unique internet demands, whether it's personal or business related. Our experienced technicians can help provide you with just the right amount of speed to meet your needs, without paying for services you don’t require.

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